Yoga classes


We offer different yoga classes, such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Kids and Families, Meditation and Breathing techniques.

 You can join us for a group class, let’s organize a private session, or you can create your own event. We are always happy to work together on new ideas.

 Classes are taught in English, Dutch, French, Spanish or Italian. Depending on your needs, your choice and our agenda, the class or workshop will be guided by one of us or the two together.


We believe that the best yoga practice is the one that makes you feel good. And this is different for everybody. That’s why we first determine your needs.

Yoga reconnects the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of breathing techniques, poses, and meditation. We always try to create classes which have all the ingredients for your body to become strong and flexible, while your mind reaches stillness. Each class focuses on a specific area such as arms, hips or core, or we work on a specific theme such as gratefulness, acceptance or the chakras. Our goal is to provide you with the basics to continue your own practice. You will feel more balanced, your muscles will be nurtured and relaxed, and you’ll find a deeper connection with yourself.

Yoga is not only about poses, but it’s about you taking time for yourself to check in and deconnect.







A private class provides you the care and attention you need, especially when you’re not into group classes (you may feel overwhelmed, it’s not fitting your personal needs, or the timing isn’t right). It can be done alone, or in small groups of max 3 persons. It’s the perfect opportunity to work and focus on personal goals or interests, such as strength, flexibility or meditation.

Whether you’re completely new to yoga and want to know more, or a regular practitioner, a private class is perfect for your personal growth.

Price: from 35€ per hour.

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Gather your friends and get together, because there’s no better way to start your Sunday morning with a refreshing yoga class at your place or at their place. It’s the perfect excuse to get together, enjoy a mindful moment and enjoy some catching up afterward. We will come to your place and this can be organized during the week, as on weekends, on a regular basis or just once.   

PRICE FROM €50 for max 6 persons. 6-10 participants: €50 + €5 per extra person (for example: €60 for 8 participants). Areas: Ruoms, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, Joyeuse

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Family yoga classes are a perfect opportunity for parents and children to reconnect in a funny and relaxed atmosphere. You will play games together, try out some basic acro poses with your child, explore relaxation techniques together and get your imagination going.

 Yoga for kids is gaining in popularity and with all the good reasons. More and more schools are implementing a yoga session in the children’s school life. Our goal is to help children canalize their energy in a healthy and relaxed way and get active to gain more body awareness. This classes are full of games and funny interactions for their personal development. Can be organized at your place.

Price from €40 for 50min.
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Yoga can help to create a less stressed environment and motivate employees. After many hours of sitting behind a desk, many employees lack motivation, creativity or focus. Break this routine, and encourage your employees to practice some simple yoga stretches or breathing techniques to boost concentration. Add a zen-moment to the office.

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A yoga class might add a perfect touch to your event! We’re here to help you plan it. We offer specific workshops and classes, adapted to your theme. 

To give you some inspiration, here are some of our previous events: Bachelor Party, Family reunion, Yoga Holiday, Yoga with live Music, etc.

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