Our thanks to you


efore starting this adventure we would love to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all of you. It might sound cliché and look like the first page of a book, but actually, it is for us. It’s not a new chapter, but an entire fresh book we’re about to start. Our goal by doing this expedition is giving a positive turn to the unsure times we’ve been through. We cannot think of a more satisfying turn than committing ourselves for those who are less fortunate than we are.


First of all, thank you to all our friends and family which have been so close to us during the challenging times Marco was in the hospital. We never felt so much love from all of you and it was very heartwarming. It is thanks to your beautiful energy that all interventions turned out fine.


We are forever grateful for all you wonderful people supporting this mission. No matter how you are supporting us, maybe you’re only reading this or following the expedition, it shows your big heart.


Thank you to the Walkabout Foundation for existing. You are doing an amazing job, and we are honored for being able to add a little help. We will do our very best to make this a considerable contribution.


You light up our lives!